As Hospital Lifts or Elevators are implied for moving or moving patients on stretchers or wheelchairs, thus, they should be composed with most extreme care and accuracy.

We at Nathson Elevator and Escalator are the conspicuous and driving doctor's facility lift maker in Delhi
e produce and supply the doctor's facility lifts of various size, limit, and outline, i.e. from ordinary traveler lifts to wide estimated stretcher cum traveler lifts.

Being the head Hospital lift suppliers in Delhi and diverse parts of India, we plan and produce the lifts remembering the space, necessity, and design of Hospitals. As stretcher cum traveler lifts are implied for the patients, such lifts are uniquely outlined by us to give greatest solace and straightforwardness in operation without any rascals and sound.

Here are the key elements of our administrations as the significant Hospital lift specialist co-ops in Delhi and India:

  • Entirely electronic Control System
  • Soundless operation
  • Specially designed for carrying stretchers and wheelchairs, etc.
  • Proper Maintenance Service
  • No jerks or sound

We pursue all the safety and security standards while designing the elevators used for transporting patients in hospitals. Apart from that interior and design is customized to ensure the proper space in the cabin for passengers, as well as for the stretchers and wheelchairs, etc. At Nathson Elevator and Escalator, we often customize the elevator designs based on the demand of small, medium sized or big hospitals, so that it can meet the requirements of our clients.

We at Nathson Elevator and Escalator manufacture and supply the lifts in the below key segments, i.e.

  • Stretcher cum Passenger Lift
  • Wheelchair cum Passenger lift and
  • Bed cum Passenger Lift

All the above mentioned lift types are specially designed with added features and specifications and can be further customized as per the needs and demands of the customers.